1-1 CHAT


New insight? Some clarity? Inspiration? Support?

Pick one and start exploring yourself!

It is rare to find someone who wants to listen to you and be there in this busy world.

Kix is just that- an open heart, supportive friend and confidential advisor. She has carved out time just to be there for you, present, 100%. To listen and answer to any questions you might have. 


Whether you need to get something off your chest, little advice or different perspective- she will surely make you feel lighter and brighter again.  

Pick the topic or allow me to lead the way. 

Book your time and choose- 30 minutes (15 eur) or 1 hour (30 eur).

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Leave your info and let's talk!

Currently connecting via audio or video call

(Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Handhangouts).

30 minutes - 15 EUR

1 hour- 30 EUR