I will help  1,000,000  people

to take A STEP higher,

towards freedom & authentic living! 

Woman on a mission!

Life has been so kind to me. Wonderful, hard, unbelievable! It's my turn to give back. 

I leading a strong and authentic lifestyle and my goal is to motivate YOU to do the same. Wether it's via the

1-1 mentoring, blog, online-course or a simple tip shared on my social media, I am aiming to inspire & motivate! :) 

I am sharing the most personal life-lessons, different aspects of how, what way I have overcome anything life has put it front of me, wether it be depression, finding my calling or maintaining a strong hearbeat & passion for relationships.  

It takes someone inspiring to actually MAKE IT THROUGH, but it also takes a self-awareness and inner strength and that's what you learn with me first and foremost!


I ask you to always be honest, drop down the barriers and forget your ego&negativity. 


If you need someone who understands you, has time for you or someone who gives you advice... You are in the right place! I am here for you. TRULY with all of my heart! 

I hope you will make the first step and that your life becomes better after you leave this space.... 

Don't rush. Take your time. Love. 

Your friend,

Kix (: