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a girl with a Golden Heart

free spirited human 

puzzle maker


I create experiences and consult souls to wake up and start living. Connect and let's live!

Tallinn, Estonia, Europe


I am a wild girl. Born and raised in freedom in this beautiful country, Estonia. Most of my childhood I spent outdoors playing in mud, laughing, testing the borders, swimming in the sea, eating ice, crossing rivers, making tree-houses, getting lost in the woods.


At age of 18 I needed to dig deeper. I needed a clear picture about my existence and purpose. As a young adult I felt the urge to take charge and choose the course of my life. So ever since that day I have been on this journey of discovery of Self. Today I look myself in the mirror and see the love, greatness, strength and authenticity.

Once when I was completely lost I realised I had unconsciously directed my life into this space. Lost, broken, alone, different. It was my calling to find myself in pieces and understand the world within us. I had to play this puzzle, firstly with my own life and then outside of me.  It took me some time to accept it, the challenge, the depth. But when I knew I had the capability to evaluate and to feel and mend, I went for it with everything I had and have never looked back! 

Every day, again and again, I choose. Consciously. I stand strong for my values and beliefs. I know where I come from and where I am headed. I know my capabilities. I don't compromise on my happiness. I am a humanitarian. I love Love. I am a firm believer of equity and possibility. I am.

I am here to live & give. I am standing two feet on the ground, experiencing life as it is now, in our world, societies & cultures. I travel the world and speak to many versions of us, humans. I learn and grow. I dig emotions, facts, practises. I willingly experience life's ups and downs. Throughout, deeply. 

I am a virtual writer. I delicately combine the life experiences together with practical action plans, self-help contents from Internet and mould it into a online-programs that will show the quickest & most effective way.


This is my calling and I invite you to be curious and crab on to your life and maximum potential. 

Here is the EXPERIENCES I have created.

Love and light