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Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q)

What is Kixperience?

Kixperience is a worldwide platform that offers self-motivational packages and lifestyle products.

In our online-courses you will experience a breakthrough. Our focus is to provide our people with all kinds of practical tasks, to do's, exercises, life-hacks. Through all this we remind people of their own power, authenticity and creativity.


Who is the author?

A creative wild woman, Kix. She is crazy, funny, dedicated in making difference by being the representative of strength, wisdom & natural beauty! MORE >>

Let's talk about online.courses. What do I need before buying the course?

All you need is your readiness and Internet connection. You can be anywhere and access the course anytime!

How much do the courses cost?

Few weeks of your time, a great deal of opened heart & a lifetime of happiness!

But in numbers... it varies, some will be 5eur, some 150eur, depending on content!

How do I pick the most suitable course for me?

Read the description. Think. Walk away. Come back when you know the answer.

What if I am unhappy with the course?