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Who am I?

Who am I? What do I want?

Isn't that the question you constantly keep on asking yourself?

If it is then I want you to know something. When did you lose yourself? Where did you go?

Just so you know you were born YOU and it is your duty to remain you.

Surely your upbringing moulded your behaviours and thinking patterns but in your soul, you are and have always been the very same- YOU!

I have a little questionnaire for you to fill and remind yourself this person.

Try that to begin with and do let me know how you get along!

This questionnaire has 30 questions.

For people who request I will give expert opinion. That will be sent in a form of e-mail, as well as all the answers you give (so you won't forget!). (:

After the questionnaire there are 2 further options:

1.) 1-1 chat (online or in person)

2.) special package on my e-School..


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