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In the world where you can be anything, be you!

There is so much I want to tell you...

But today I want to share my insight and thoughts of sticking to who you are born to be!

Firstly, my journey in short :

Born and raised in the wilderness, culturally educated and active little tight-knit community. It built me my roots and confidence. I was born Scorpio, which later meant a lot of inward discoveries, hurdles, overcomings, and clarifications which demon or angel I choose to serve. Always had natural charisma, the essence of authenticity and excitement for life (to discover, to be evolving). It's fair to say my friend Pelle pushed me into the journey of evolving. Our long exploring talks about dreams and courage was the line that showed me the depth in life and meaning. I felt something my confidence and roots had yet not ever touched and it made me curious. I was 19 when somehow the seed of magic was planted into me.

I started feeling pulls towards deeper, better. I had to drop everything familiar (limiting, bordering) and throw myself into the sudden unknown. That was the first time I started to hear a voice of me. My judgment, my attitude, and my opinion without any filter...

I began to see myself from outside my life- As the years went on, knowingly I observed my journey: humble beginnings lost and found, progress, break-throughs and stillness, power & magic. How? Lots of moments in between, many places, many human contacts, observations, interactions, and events in the next 10 years made me come alive, authentically.

I've heard the 20s are humans self-discovering years, and I will agree now. However secretly it happens, through the drama, excitement, and craziness, but it does, even though we might feel it never ends...

I have always been proud to express myself- freely. But having chosen to live in a very different cultural room, it caged me somehow. I didn't agree with it... But as a human I had a desire to be part of them, naturally, to fit in. If I only know then- the human's mission is to be unique and stand out!

After I become a mother another rebellious act in me raised its head- I will never teach my children to be quiet and push down their emotions or opinions. I will protect what is universally theirs to experience and enjoy- their authenticity, their emotions, and all importantly- their journey in freedom!

So I ask you, who are you?

What are you representing?

What have you discovered and

how are you representing your core values today?

Have you or have you not been on a self-discovery journey?

Doesn't matter, you know anyhow, always did. You know the answer to this question-

Who are you not? Write it out now.

What do you accept in your life, what not?

Where lay your boundaries? Where is the line where you always stand up and never let anyone cross, not to wipe under the carpet... What are those things?

What are your core values? What descriptive words describe you best? Don't know- brainstorm and establish them!

Write it all out, remind them yourself often, stick to them, represent them, and make the outward communication of who you are a habit (firstly to yourself and then to the whole world.)

It will be a challenging journey, But I promise, it will be worth it. And who knows, maybe it's not so hard after all? Let yourself flow in with this self-exploration.

Ask the questions:




who you are



I have put together a step-by-step self-exploration journey online, at Teachable.

Eesti keeles- Link

in English- Link

And then ask the question- why?

I dare you to be you!

Confidently, courageously, unapologetically. Why?

Because darling, it is your birthright.


write to me - info@kix.ee

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