• Kix

In the world where you can be anything, be you!

There is so much I want to tell you...

But today I want to share my insight and thoughts of sticking to who you are born to be!

Firstly, my journey in short :

Born and raised in the wilderness, culturally educated and active little tight-knit community. It built me my roots and confidence. I was born Scorpio, which later meant a lot of inward discoveries, hurdles, overcomings, and clarifications which demon or angel I choose to serve. Always had natural charisma, the essence of authenticity and excitement for life (to discover, to be evolving). It's fair to say my friend Pelle pushed me into the journey of evolving. Our long exploring talks about dreams and courage was the line that showed me the depth in life and meaning. I felt something my confidence and roots had yet not ever touched and it made me curious. I was 19 when somehow the seed of magic was planted into me.

I started feeling pulls towards deeper, better. I had to drop everything familiar (limiting, bordering) and throw myself into the sudden unknown. That was the first time I started to hear a voice of me. My judgment, my attitude, and my opinion without any filter...