• Kix

Interview with Kix

Many people are wandering aimlessly, not knowing who they are and where they are headed. Kix is one of the lucky ones who has made a specific choices and turns in life to get to know herself, truly & deeply. No compromises. Lets find out about how it happened.

Tell us your story?

There isn't one, not anymore. I'm me, here and now. I believe that "stories" limit us. They are great to hear, but there is a catch- if one starts repeating the story it pretty quickly becomes "a stagnant story". We should never forget that there are many perspectives of that same story. I had been the victim of my story for many years, until I heard something so profound from Tony Robbins that changed my life, And now, its just here & now.

Who are you?

I am me. I am a wise woman who has a golden heart. I was born in wilderness. I am 29 years of age and currently living in North of Europe, Tallinn/Estonia.