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Interview with Kix

Many people are wandering aimlessly, not knowing who they are and where they are headed. Kix is one of the lucky ones who has made a specific choices and turns in life to get to know herself, truly & deeply. No compromises. Lets see what she has to say!

Tell us your story?

There isn't one, not anymore. I'm me, here and now. I believe that "stories" limit us. They are great to hear, but there is a catch- if one starts repeating the story it pretty quickly becomes "a stagnant story". We should never forget that there are many perspectives of that same story. I had been the victim of my story for many years, until I heard something so profound from Tony Robbins that changed my life, And now, its just here & now.

Who are you?

I am me. I am a wise woman who has a golden heart. I was born in wilderness, currently living in North of Europe, Tallinn/Estonia.

How did you find yourself?

I was never really lost. Grown with a sense of authenticity. No problems! Freedom, joy and confidence where the three words I could sum up my childhood mentality with. I guess as I grew older and had to make a very specific decision about what career path to pick, I found out that I had many options. It was a time of a great heartbreak when I found most inspiration. Urge pushed me to step out of the familiar rhythm. I went travelling with a main goal to figure out my choice of career for future.

But, something else started shifting in me. I went through many phases- from finding out what the World really is, the richness of it and all; to the first inward discoveries on Self. I am still learning the depths of my being and spirit, it is a never ending journey, I hope.

What do you do?

I live my own life and encourage people to live to the fullest, too!

How exactly?

My calling has come slowly to me. If anything, it has taught me patience and the fact that everything will come in the right time, I got no choice over when and where life happens. So, what I can do and am doing is creating action packed online-courses based on my life lessons, sharing my learning curbs, adding a hint of spice and edge to them! Its my art, my talent and I have set a specific goal to help at least 1 000 000 people to take the steps towards freedom!

What does freedom mean to you?

ALL. Freedom is air, love, passion and connection. I allow nothing to step between me and freedom. I have decided.

What about your family?

They have all helped me to discover my relationship with freedom. My mum has raised me in the spirit of freedom (Aitäh, kallis!) and I pass it on to my own kids. Yes, every day is a choice and I make sure I choose freedom.

Can you tell us more about your life-experiences?

Of course! It's all in details and I could discuss about the nuances and coincidences endlessly. I have been thinking to write a book about it all. That way it'd be all in one place, in details.

What would you say to people who read this?

It's all O-K!

Go and live, think and do, feel and breathe. Happiness is in your heart, not in your mind (:

Thank you!

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