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I refuse to choose!

Few thoughts. (Covid19, wfh, work-life balance, parenthood, business)

To be a good present parent and great employee/employer and NOT to choose between those two.

Time of #newnormal has shown us how unhuman the 9-17 rules are, they are standing on the times way, always did and now is time to change. Today we have a level of technologies that we can use in our favour and bring in the balance to excel at work & home.

If we choose to be living in a family and bring up a well supported children and excel at professional lives we must

1 consider our personal well being

2 change or seek for the change of the rules at workplace

3 plan well to establish a healthy balance in our lives- with families and workplaces.

/ CORE: Respect. Love. /

As a female I wish to never be asked again while pregnant - > do you plan to return to work after your children are bigger.

As a male, i wish you never have to feel a underlying pressure - > work a lot, earn to support and be only there for your family for the most important occasions or step up when your other half is "out of order" to play her supporting role in this unhuman work-life situation.

We need companies and Great Leaders to make a new establishments that really consider and support a healthy work-life balance.

We need to make sure that our employees take care of their own wellness at first.

And we shall support them, as much as we can. Its the time of change. It has become an extremely high priority on the evolution of #healthyhumansevolution and we must take charge and make it to be part of every responsible businesses agenda.

If we appreciate love, health and evolution we will make a change. Let's focus on what matters most.

As a #woman, as a #mother, as a future #employer - i do!

Inspiration for this post came from reading this article:


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