• Kix

Not all who wander are lost.

A young kid, playing outside. There is no tomorrow, just today. And the spirit is open and wandering... in the present moment, yet connected with eternity!

Did you ever stop and look up to the sky to see the passing plane and dreamed of lands far far away? It seemed so far, so mystical and so unknown. You were curious and knew it will come to you one day...

This kid grew up, just as you did. Years on and we don't think about that dream so often. Even though, now, more than ever before, we have the access to the whole world. We really do. But there is something that stops us. To go. To book a ticket to the dreamland. To choose. To open the door to unknown. Why? What is it thats stops us? Fear.

I was teenager and completely heartbroken. Something bigger than myself took control over my actions and I was guided to the unthinkable direction. I got to know a very special person, we became dreamers together. And I realised something, long forgotten. We shared the wildest dreams and I felt so alive again. Those conversations lead me to do the unthinkable- I booked in for a job interview, but not the usual one, not a summer job, not a job to support my studies. But a job that would take me to unknown.