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Not all who wander are lost.

A young kid, playing outside. There is no tomorrow, just today. And the spirit is open and wandering... in the present moment, yet connected with eternity!

Did you ever stop and look up to the sky to see the passing plane and dreamed of lands far far away? It seemed so far, so mystical and so unknown. You were curious and knew it will come to you one day...

This kid grew up, just as you did. Years on and we don't think about that dream so often. Even though, now, more than ever before, we have the access to the whole world. We really do. But there is something that stops us. To go. To book a ticket to the dreamland. To choose. To open the door to unknown. Why? What is it thats stops us? Fear.

I was teenager and completely heartbroken. Something bigger than myself took control over my actions and I was guided to the unthinkable direction. I got to know a very special person, we became dreamers together. And I realised something, long forgotten. We shared the wildest dreams and I felt so alive again. Those conversations lead me to do the unthinkable- I booked in for a job interview, but not the usual one, not a summer job, not a job to support my studies. But a job that would take me to unknown...away. I had allowed myself to go with the inner voice, I pushed beyond my Fear. I realise now, 10 years later that it's OK to fear, as long as we own our Fear. It's OK to go with the flow, trusting your inner voice..

Going wandering to the world I realised quite quickly I became my Nations ID card. I was the one who influenced peoples opinion about Estonia and Estonians. How I was, how I acted, how I thought of something... I was the representative and I changed peoples opinions about Estonia. Being a good student and respectable to my homeland I obviously wanted to share the good & best things about us. But all the questions that came my way made me think in a very different way. For the first time I was thinking consciously where I am from, what culture room do I belong to and how do I perceive it.

Having this chapter in my life was crucial to me. It made me understand my roots, our history as a country. I begun to question life and my own path in life.

I left my country full of self-confidence and strength. Stupidly, my main goal was to leave, earn lots of money and return. I didn't expect any changes apart from my bank balance. So I took my aching heart, dreamy spirit and empty pockets with me. I didn't care of not knowing where, not having specific plan and least- having enough money to survive. Some little voice whispered that my family is always there for me, in case of emergency and I will always get a ticket home.

So, what happened? I got rich by being brave. Norway, thank you for being so kind to me! So kind that I almost wished I never had made the amount of money I had. It didn't matter at all. But what mattered was the door that had opened within me. I saw the light, opportunities and possibilities that were awaiting for me to crab and realise. The door to the world and cultures and to my self-discovery had thrown opened. I was in it and the World was spinnnnnning!

My travels have taken me to 33 countries. As a traveller I had been offered a "home" numerous times. I saw the kindness of people. I felt the connection. I understood there is always hope and something Greater is looking looking after us. Grateful for the good people, who follow their heart, who live courageously.. Wether it was my experience on the Spanish roads, encountering Albanian maffia or just a sharing a meal with locals in Africa. I was and I always will be a citizen of the World.

Being the best YOU can be is the human'sbiggest dream waiting to be fulfilled!

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.

Do you want to give it up to the fear or will you own your fears. The choice is yours.

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