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Brand Style Guide Template

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Save your time, download a blank template and set your Brand Guidelines in place. 


What a feeling! 

Share it with your team and get a professional look at all platforms- online, paper e.g.




I have created one helpful template for you. Having the creator's best interests in mind.  


People have to appreciate the journey of a creator. This journey is very personal to a creator. This is something we are all passionate and excited about, it makes us feel good, with a sense of purpose and confidence.  


It´s 2020, virtual world is more alive than ever, perhaps even more than real life.  


My strong recommendation for any business owner is to take a critical look at their business's online presence and polish up or create a clear and strong brand. Whether you have a business or planning to start creating/building one. A strong brand will support you in building a solid successful business that speaks to and attracts the right target audience. 


Below is Kixperience owned Brand Style Guide Template that will guide you in the process of making a Brand Style Manual for your business.  


Please note that this is only shared with you and is NOT to be shared with third parties without written permission from Kixperience.